Gravel , Mulch , Soil 

Bedding Sand 
A coarse, general purpose sand. Great for bedding water pipe or irrigation lines in trenches, turning into sand bags, and laying underneath paving stones.

1 yard: $22.00     1/2 yard: $14.00      1/4 yard: $10.00
                 Can: $5.50           20L Bag: $2.20

Washed Sand
Can be used as backfill, trench fill, under slab, or anywhere your project requires a clean, compactable free draining material

1 yard: $22.00        1/2 yard: $14.00        1/4 yard: $10.00
                 Can: $5.50             20L Bag: $2.20
Pea Gravel
Since it has a smooth finish, pea gravel is also regularly used for walkways, dog runs, playgrounds, patios, and a variety of other high-traffic areas

1 yard: $42.00         1/2 yard: $25.00       1/4 yard: $16.00
                  Can: $10.50            20L Bag: $4.20 
3/4 Navvy Jack
A sand and gravel mix that is ideal for hand mixing concrete and is cheaper than purchasing bags of pre-concrete mix. Sand and gravel blended in the correct portions to be used in concrete mix

1 yard: $38.00          1/2 yard: $23.00       1/4 yard: $16.00
                   Can: $9.25             20L Bag: $3.80
Road Base
Base material primarily used in driveways and pathways, and an excellent wet weather product. 

1 yard: $27.00         1/2 yard: $18.00       1/4 yard: $13.00
                  Can: $6.75              20L Bag: $2.70
Grey Driveway Chip
excellent blend  rock full of loose material that compacts to a tough base. Because this material packs tightly it is ideal for driveways and pathways.

1 yard: $29.00       1/2 yard: $18.00       1/4 yard: $14.00
                 Can: $7.50              20L Bag: $3.00
Blue Driveway Chip
Same application as the grey chip above , a little more decorative for people who prefer the blue slate colour over the grey.

1 yard: $40.00       1/2 yard: $26.00        1/4 yard: $18.00
                 Can: $10.00            20L Bag: $4.00
3/4 Clear Fracture Drain rock
Used as base material in landscapes, a stable foundation for roads and driveways, and drainage applications in leech fields and french drains.

1 yard: $34.00        1/2 yard: $22.00        1/4 yard: $16.00
                 Can: $8.50              20L Bag: $3.40
1" - 1 1/2" Round landscape/Drain rock
Fantastic for drainage and decorative applications

1 yard: $27.00       1/2 yard: $18.00        1/4 yard: $13.00
                Can: $6.75              20L Bag: $2.70
2'"-8" Round Landscape rock
Looks Great as garden boarder or a rock garden itself ….use as you see fit!!

1 yard: $20.00       1/2 yard: $12.00       1/4 yard: $9.00
               Can: $5.00               20L Bag: $2.00
Premium Top Soil.
fantastic for top dressing lawns and planting grass.
if used in garden we suggest adding a small amount of fertilizer of your choice ( remember to water!!!) 

1 yard: $50.00       1/2 yard: $32.00        1/4 yard: $23.00
                Can: $12.50             20L Bag: $5.00
Red Fine Mulch
Beautiful  red colour to make any of your garden beds pop!  

1 yard: $38.00       1/2 yard: $24.00       1/4 yard: $16.00
                Can: $9.25                20L Bag: $3.80
Dark Fine Mulch
Deep rich black colour keeps your garden looking fresh  … so dark you can barely see it on this page!!

1 yard: $40.00        1/2 yard: $25.00       1/4 yard: $18.00
                Can: $10.00               20L Bag: $4.00
Compost!!!  (Chicken/Hen)

Great compost for adding to your soil to boost your nutrients to grow vegetables and plants like a pro or top dress a lawn for thick lush grass !!!

1 yard: $60.00        1/2 yard: $36.00         1/4 yard: $27.00
 Can: $15.00                Bag: $6.00          Burlap Bag: $8.50

*pictures are just an example, product might not be exactly as shown
* 20L bags are $3.50 each
Prices subject to change based on availability
Delivery Rates:
Yellow Point..........$90.00
Chase River..........$100.00
Duncan................. $115.00

Trucking, single axle...$115/Hr
​Max Load of mulch/soil 10 yards
Sand/Gravel 6.5-7 yards

Optimus Pete tandem bin dump truck..............$140/Hr
​Mulch 30 yards max
Soils: 20 yards max
Sand, gravel,rock max 12 yards


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